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• Oct 7, 2018 - 21:33

Hello! Thank you for your great job! I love MuseScore (and my daughter too!).

Sometimes I open several MuseScore documents.
To switch from one document to another, I have to click on its name in the tab list (nothing to do with TABs!).
I would like to be able to switch documents using a keyboard shortcut rather than the mouse.

So I would really appreciate if the MuseScore developer team would be kind to export 2 functions "go to next/previous document" (or whatever you call it) with a customisable shortcut.

Thanks in advance


Ctrl+Tab does this. And if you go to Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts and type "score" into the search box, you'll see where you can customize the shortcuts.

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Thank you, Marc, for your reply.

Actually, Ctrl+Tab is exactly THE shortcut I like to use in any software for tab navigation (Firefox, Safari, Terminal, etc.).
I'm using musescore on a mac in a french environment (french macos).
Ctrl+Tab in musescore does nothing.
In the Preferences > shortcuts, looking for "partition" (which means "score" in french), I found the default shortcuts (see picture). Thank you!
In french, "Partition suivante" (resp. "précédente") means "next score" (resp. "previous").
And, on a mac, the "⌘" key is called the "Command Key" (abbrev. "cmd") cf. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Command_key

Imho, these default shortcuts are either silly either full of bugs (and probably both)!

Let me start with the "cmd-tab" (resp. "cmd-shift-tab") shortcut, which is supposed to be bound to "next score".
Under macos, it is a global shortcut, which is bound to "next application" (resp. "previous"). It is the equivalent of "alt-tab" on a PC/Windows to switch from the current application to the next one (resp. previous).
This shortcut is not supposed to be changed to be local to any application. This is why many applications use "ctrl-tab", rather than "cmd-tab".
If you type "cmd-tab" in musescore, it just switches to another application (Firefox, for example). If you try to bind it to some function in the musescore Preferences > shortcuts, it just switches to another application and cannot be bound.
So "cmd-tab" and "cmd-shift-tab" really silly.

Let me continue with the "cmd-}" shortcut.
If I switch to a virtual "American keyboard" (I mean, the software which binds my physical keyboard to the generated characters (in the mac Preferences)), then in order to get the "}" character, I have to type "shift-]" (on my mac french physical keyboard, it's the "$" key, just before the "return" key).
If I type "cmd-}" (which corresponds logically to "cmd-shift-]" (or physically to "cmd-shift-$" on my french keyboard)), then musescore switches to the next score. Perfect!
But if I switch back to a virtual french keyboard (which binds what I see to what I get), then in order to get the "}" character, I have to type "alt-)" (it's the key just after the zero "0"). But, in musescore, "cmd-}" (which is obtained with "cmd-alt-)") does nothing. Bug #1.
BTW, I just tried "cmd-shit-$" (with a french keyboard) and it switches to the next score! Ok, I got it, but it's bug #2 since the described binding is "cmd-}" and not "cmd-shift-$" (which should be notated as "cmd-", since "shift-$" produces a "", as you can see on a mac french keyboard).

Let me continue with the "cmd-{" shortcut. (and let me be a little bit more concise...)
With an American keyboard, it switches to the next score, but should switch to the previous score. Bug #3.
With a french keyboard, "cmd-{" (obtained with "cmd-alt-(") does nothing. Bug #4.
BTW, with a french keyboard, the American "cmd-{" (obtained with "cmd-shift-^") does nothing either.

Now, let me change some musescore shortcuts.
If I try to enter "ctrl-tab" or "ctrl-shift-tab", then nothing happens. It seems musescore does not get any input shortcut from my keyboard. Any combination of "ctrl" "alt" or "shift" with "tab" does nothing. Bug #5

If I change the "previous score" to some other binding (not in conflict with any other command), like "cmd-D", then "cmd-D" switches to the next score, instead of the previous score. Bug #6 is probably the same as Bug #3.

But I like musescore anyway... ;-)

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Not having access to Mac or a French meyboardy, I can't really address the issues you describe. I can confirm it is difficult (next to impossible In fact) to come up with one set of shortcuts that works equally well on all systems. I know for 3.0 there has been some work on supporting different sets for different systems but am not sure of the status of that.

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I found that ctrl-tab originally did switch to the next score, but ctrl-shift-tab did not switch to the previous one (and indeed was not default setup for that). I found that these two shortcuts also cannot be set in the shortcut definer (probably something to do with component focusing), so if you unset ctrl-tab you could not even set it back (like in my case). Curiously, it appears that there is some behind the scenes work going on in Musescore with shortcuts as some of the defaults ones do not appear in the xml file (exported or %appdata) and certain key combinations need to be expressed as numeric-codes. While we're here, I'd like to mention certain confusion between actions prefixed with "Show" & "Toggle" both toggling, or various panels not being prepended with either while others are (i.e. general lack of naming scheme).

Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 148e43f

I can confirm that this is actually broken when using a Mac (I'm on a German Keyboard, if it matters). I tried the recommended approach through shortcuts preferences but was unable to type in "Control (Mac ^) +Tab" (the dialog simply wouldn't accept my input). So I tried to change it in the shortcuts.xml. Screen Shot 2022-02-15 at 10.26.24.png
Similarly, no luck. MuseScore showed the shortcut in the dialog
Screen Shot 2022-02-15 at 10.26.15.png
but simply refuses to switch between the two open scores. I'm resorting now to a weird other shortcut like Option-Shift-A.
I would be grateful for a bug fix.

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Ctrl+Tab works for me, as does Ctrl+F6. Ctrl+Shift+F6 works for previous score, but Ctlr+Shift+Tab does not (it does though in Edge).
And no idea what the additional (default) shortcuts "Next" and "Previous" mean. All listed as


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