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• Oct 5, 2018 - 16:44

The Paste that I see described in the manual replaces whatever was in the target measures, for as many measures as the pasted material contained.

Is there a version of the Paste operation that automatically inserts as many measures as what is being pasted-in and moves existing material to the right (like a paste in a conventional word processor), without needing to explicitly Insert blank measures before hand?


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Actually, MuseScore 3 does have an "insert" mode of sorts - inserting notes within a measure, pushing the other notes in the measure later in time and increasing the length of the measure to accommodate this. But that's probably not really what you meant - you probably are thinking a "guess how many subsequent notes to move and shift them later in time, crossing barlines as necessary". There are numerous problems with such an idea which is why it hasn't happened, but nor would it be necessary to have this in order for a "paste and insert" mode to work. The key would be to only work in whole measures. So we'd calculate the total length of the passage to be inserted, divide it by the number of beats per measure and round up to determine the number of measures to insert, insert the measures, and paste into it. Would be pretty straightforward to implement, actually, and it would indeed save the three or so keystrokes it takes to insert the measures manually right now. Not sure how worthwhile it would be, as it would be way more three keystrokes to implement, but saving three keystrokes hundreds of times starts to seem like more incentive...

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I was actually just imagining the simple version that moves existing measures to the right in whole measures.

I asked because a user of another notation program was baffled that Musescore did not insert in this manner and I wondered if maybe it did have that option and i was just unaware of it.

Perhaps a simple half-implementation would be an "Insert Measures" option that is aware of how many whole measures are currently in my copy buffer and will insert that many when invoked.

That would save having to count the measures that are copied and entering that number when doing "insert measures"

It is not a high priority, however.

Coming from Dorico to MS I find this insert paste option very much a missing feature in MS.

In Dorico's insert mode it's relatively simple to paste a whole section directly anywhere in the score and everything shuffles along the time line to accommodate. Particularly useful when deciding to copy and paste a section rather than use repeat signs when using different instrumentation or lyrical phrasing for example.

Having to first insert the number of bars (rather than just click start and end bars, copy, then insert paste, or insert repeat) is a bit tiresome. I think all other notation programs (even Notion!) have this feature so hopefully it's on the list for MS. I hate calculating bars!

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Ooh and inserting bars with different time sigs really screws things up in MS! Wow.

So, finding that somehow I have an additional beat at the start of a 3/4 bar, I select just one beats worth across the entire score, choose remove measure and hey presto - I get a ghosted minim rest on the first bar, but nothing else moves correctly, the entire score is a beat out....that is a real problem

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Indeed, the copy/paste is designed to copy the music only, not the structure. So no clef, key, meter, or barlines changes, etc. It's a common request to someday add a feature where the structure would be copied as well, but so far no one has proposed a really solid design that covers all the different use cases people seem to expect.

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OK, I can see that of course someone has to write the code, not sure I understand why different uses would be so varied. I can't think of clef and key signatures being relegated to mere "structural" ingredients - and individual notes being the music only? I'd certainly be interested to know what different cases people expect - for me copying a section means exactly that.

It's a bit like a Word Processor copying a couple of paragraphs and pasting them as plain text..

But fair enough, someone has to write it, that I understand. Hope someone smarter than me does it soon!

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Consider just wanting to copy a passage from viola to clarinet, where the vioal part uses clef changes but the clarinet part doesn't. Not uncommon at all. Or what the behavior would be if copying a range that doesn't start at the beginning of a measure - what happens to time signature changes then? And how to specify the time when you don't want the time signatures changed, like copying a piece originally written with tons of time signature changes but now you want to make it meterless, or just notate in 4/4? Presumably this is all doable within the context of the Selection Filter, but again, someone needs to design and implement it.

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Of course copying single instrument parts to another instrument is a completely different kettle of fish, and has its own problems. But I think (having looked at the dozens of comments posted on this over the years in the thread JoJo linked) most people are really looking for a scenario that is far more everyday I'm willing to bet, that of copying ALL the staves in a section and either repeating or pasting them within a score, and shuffling everything up. I work a lot with song formats so of course there's a great deal of repetition.

Anyway this argument has raged for a number of years and will never be resolved until some kind soul writes us this code! Meanwhile Musescore will be the only serious scoring app that doesn't support this feature. I can live with that - but I live in it likely in Version 4? Because for me that's going to involve a new MacBook Pro - having tried the overnights on my studio Mac Pro (Mojave), I tried them on my High Sierra limited MacBook and they won't run. So the conundrum is a full version of Dorico 3.5 without the limitations of 12 instruments (which is what brought me to MS) or a newer laptop that'll run version MS 4 - funnily enough about the same cost.....decisions...!

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There is no argument whatsoever, nothing to resolve. Everyone involved absolutely agrees this would be a useful feature. and I very much hope someone does volunteer to design and implement it. But no one can write the code until someone proposes a design everyone can agree on - what the actual user interface should be, how it would behave in all the different cases, etc.

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