Can't get API key

• Oct 3, 2018 - 15:56

Hello, I wanted to ask for help with getting an API key, because I have sent a request for a key nearly a month ago and have received no reply. Yes, I have read this
and other similar ones, but after a month I'm wondering how long will it still be. Thank you in advance


Can you explain to me how my accessing information about scores that I myself put there in my own account violates the DMCA? This makes no sense and is a horrible burden and setback. Why can't you limit the API in this way instead of killing it?

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We pay royalties to music publishers for each score view (if this score is non public domain). And we can't show score and don't transfer money to publisher. So if you user with regular account - you pay for views, when you see ads. If you pro user - you don't see ads, but pay money.
If user with regular account can see non public domain scores by API and don't pay money - it will be illegal. Most of scores aren't public domain.

We don't killing API, it works as earlier, but not for everyone.
I would really like to offer API for free, but unfortunately we're obliged to comply with law.

Spotify, Deezer, Google Play Music, Apple Music - all this companies didn't allow listen music for free, because they also need to pay to publishers.
It's long story, but you can't legal build music service without working with publishers. If you do it illegally, you can only be available in a few countries. We want all scores of all users to be available anywhere, so we make every effort to follow the law.

I just tested the Web API and it still works for me. I don't understand your response. Are you saying that it will continue to work for paying users? I note that the documentation no longer seems to be there. Does it still exist?

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No, I haven't any objection to our suggestion - we can do this. But we can do this only in another API, because current API can't do this right now.
If enough people will ask this - I'll create this endpoint. Right now only you request this endpoint, so I can just send all your scores directly to you, it will be more fast :-)

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I use the API to extract data other than the score itself, such as the "about" texts (which before they were capped at 5000 chars would often take me hours to prepare), usage stats, and the "secret" necessary to fetch thumbnais. I don't understand why you think that the current API can't do this; the consumer key implies that the requestor is the user to whom it was issued; that could limit the caller to his or her own scores.

Are there any plans in the works to reopen the API just for the public domain scores? I don't understand why the public domain scores were closed along with everything else... Are there plans to open a paid API subscription?

Also, in an earlier post it was said that the API is not totally dead, it works as before but not the same for everyone...May I ask for whom it works and how?

Thanks. Hoping for public domain access somehow!

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At very least you should have access to scores posted in your own account. That'd be enough for me. It apparently is "grandfathered" to those of us who had it before the "Russian Revolution", but I don't trust it to remain. The API obviously can't trust the posting person's claim of a score's being "public domain." What's more, my compositions are -not- public domain -- shouldn't I be able to access them as me (this is, of course, true of every composer here).

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As mentioned previously in this thread, there are two factors that have impacted API access:

1 - Technical changes to the platform
2 - Licensing

We would like to relaunch a revised form of API access to select developers and educational institutions at some point in the future.

Though actual timeline and what content and capabilities may be available are still to be determined, it is an issue not likely to be addressed until at least Q3 2019.

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