MuseScore Example Manager INI File Missing

• Sep 26, 2018 - 11:26

Hi there!

Something went wrong when I was installing the MuseScore Example Manager for Libroffice, and there was no INI file created. (On Ubuntu Linux)

Can someone help me by just sending me their INI file so that I have an example of what its content should be? Then I can just use it.


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I'm finally looking at this, and it seems LibreOffice 6.1 isn't released yet, but there are also development builds of 6.2 available, and allegedly the missing function is available on 6.2. Also, my installed version 6.0.2 just offered to let me update to 6.0.6 but I see 6.0.7 is the main release listed on their downloads page. I'm a little confused. Is there going to be a 6.1, or are they planning on skipping it and just releasing 6.2? And is there a timeline for any of this? Probably this is obvious to anyone who follows their release cycles, but I don't know how to derive that info from their site.

Wondering if I should hold off on all of this until the release of MuseScore 3, which would prompt me to do an update anyhow.

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Hi Marc. You seem to be running the enterprise-focused or "Still" branch of 6.0.x.

I am running the newer "Fresh" branch, which is available to all OS'es, and I have 6.1.3 on both Linux and Windows. It is readily available and widely installed.

Perhaps you can test it on a 6.2 branch and see if it works?

And, any timeframe as to when MuseScore 3 will be released? That might well affect how we feel about waiting...

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No official word on a MuseScore final release, but it's been said here that a beta is targeted for this month. I don't really understand "fresh" vs "still", but I understand "beta" vs "released". The vibe I get from LibreOffice site is that 6.1 is essentially "beta", and hence a moving target. I still understand the relationship between 6.1 and 6.2, but if 6.1 is "beta", 6.2 strikes me as more "alpha" and hence even more of a moving target. Which is why I'm thinking it's still premature.

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Libreoffice 6.1 is indeed stable, not beta, but it is newer than 6.0, and that is why they recommend the older release which has more fixes for people/companies requiring absolute stability.

Anyway, I was hoping to write/finish my music theory book by early January using the Example Manager, but it looks like I might need to use my alternative SVG import method instead. 😓 Oh well

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Hmm, seems to me that based on your description of your needs and the purposes of the 6.1 vs 6.0 series, you really are the perfect example of someone who should be sticking to the more stable 6.0. You have a specific project that you need to complete by a specific date and need things to just work, not worry about things not quite being stable yet and getting in your way of finishing your project. Isn't that kind of the whole point? Sorry, this is all still pretty new to me, maybe there is something I'm still missing.

I'd like to help but right now the situation still seems far too unstable for me to be able to take definitive action, unless someone is able to definitively state what is going exactly.

I can say that it should be possible for you to edit the extension files yourself for your own local installation, if you fully understand the issues better than I. But I'm not comfortable updating the official version with things being this unclear.

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