The acciaccatura should sound BEFORE the main note (which now it doesn't).

• Sep 25, 2018 - 23:30

I'm referring to the acciaccatura of course (slashed grace note), and not the appoggiatura (not slashed).
The fact that it now steals time from the following note (and not the preceding) has caused me troubles quite a few times in the performance of my music.
I have attached a file to show what I mean:
In the 2nd line (set it to "solo") you can see and hear how the acciaccatura (note E) should be played, just a little before the main note F. Through the "Play Panel", the metronome helps us hear that the E sounds just before the F .
In the first line I have muted the F. So, if you set the Mixer to play this 1st line "solo", you can hear that the acciaccatura E sounds with the "tick" of the metronome, where the F is supposed to sound.

I hope this can be fixed in the next version of MS.


Playing acciaccaturas before the main note is indeed one of several possible correct interpretations*, it just isn't the one we currently use. Some day we may indeed add controls to select other interpretations.

For the record, the original interpretation - the one that gave rise to the name - was to play it *simultaneously with the main note, then release it. But that's reasonable only on instruments capable of playing more than one note at once, like piano. The next common interpretation is the one we use, toplay ont he beat, with the main note slightly delayed.

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