Adding copyright info (unusually long!)

• Sep 25, 2018 - 20:42

So I go to File and scroll down to Score Properties, no problem finding where to enter copyright info for the song I'm arranging. The problem is that there are multiple copyrights (music/lyrics/movie soundtrack), so the info is too long and complicated to fit onto a single line, but Musescore doesn't (seem to) let me add additional lines. So the three lines of text are all overwritten on top of each other. The publisher requires all of this info, so I don't have the option of abbreviating. Thanks in advance.


Two possibilities. One is enter the info in a text editor then copy and paste it into Score Properties - the line breaks should be preserved. The other is to forget Score Properties (or use it for an abbreviated version only) but enter the text directly into Style / General / Header, Footer, Numbers.

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