Toggle ‘Show Rest’ and ‘Show Fingering’ on TAB via Inspector

• Sep 24, 2018 - 15:02

To reach these options currently, need to
Select TAB —>Right click—>Staff Properties—>Advanced Style Properties

But Isn’t it very handy if ‘Show Rest’ and ‘Show Fingering’ options are in inspector?
Maybe add some other options also.

I always use these and nice if I can reach by one click!


Are you proposing then that these properties become available for individual rests or individual fingering marks? That's what the Inspector is for, after all. Meaning you'd have to select which rests or fingerings you wanted to apply this setting to. And then keep doing that every time you edit the score and create more rests/fingerings. Seems like a lot more work to me, not less. Especially since you really only need to make that style setting once in your life - save the result as a template, then keep reusing that template.

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I understand your suggestion, creating a template which to set these properties.
True, that's solve my situation. Thank you! :)

But what i'm little bit missing here is, 'easy access' to these properties.
Reach these, need to
Select TAB —>Right click—>Staff Properties—>Advanced Style Properties

Isn't it nice if it's located 'Staff Properties' ?
Or maybe these are quite "advanced things" for most of users..

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Well, the majority of users don't use tablature at all. Of those that do, the majority do not wish to show fingerings or rests, which is why they are disabled by default. oOf those who do wish to show rests, the majority simply choose one of the tab styles that show rhythms more clearly (eg, the "full" style). So indeed, these are options that very few users will ever need to use. And for those users who do wish to show fingering and rests, the option to create a template means that they literally only need to set those options once - when creating their template. So, given that most users never need them, and those few users who do only need them once, I guess I don't really see the need for easier access. And the reason to not do this is, as I've said, that the Inspector simply does not work that way and would require a pretty major redesign to support that.

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