Wrong behavior of ottava in trills

• Sep 20, 2018 - 20:14

When an ottava symbol is placed above a trill the behavior is strange: the base note is played at the correct pitch, one octave above written, but the top note is raised an additional octave, so the trill becomes a ninth tremolo. I attach an example where the trill appears both at the original pitch and raised pitch, followed by a note-by-note rendering showing how each one should play. I think this should very easy to fix just letting the ottave affect all the notes in the trill.

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Test_trill_ottava.mscz 9.91 KB


Hello! I have an easy solution to propose for the trill problem.
1. Select the disturbing note G in the 2nd measure (which should be in voice 1), go to the Inspector and Mute it.
2. Insert, in the same 2nd measure but in voice 2, a half note G and a half note A. Click on the green G to select it, go to Pallettes - Tremolo and double click on the three lines (in the second row). You'll see that the notes G and A turn to whole notes with the tremolo symbol between them.
3. Select the green G and A as well as the tremolo symbol and press V to make them invisible.
You' re done!! Your trill will sound exactly as it should!! And your score will look exactly as it was...
The point is that :
(a) voices 2,3,4 do not execute trills. In this way, the trill symbol above them will not affect them, while the created tremolo will be octaved and will sound just like the original trill.
(b) the trill problem of voice 1 will not sound since we muted it...!
I attach this easy solution, so you can hear it yourselves.

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Test_trill_ottava (workaround).mscz 10.75 KB

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