Making corrections to entered notes

• Sep 19, 2018 - 21:52

I have read and reread the manual, and looked at Tutorials etc but still can't correct notes successfully.

I have a pair of quavers on one beam which I want to alter to semi-quaver followed by dotted quaver. I select the first note and convert that to semi-quaver, which then inserts a semi-quaver rest following it. I then turn to the second note and dot it, but that leaves the rest in position and creates a tie to a note in the next bar. I expected the dot to appear and the rest to disappear to make up the count in the bar. How do I get rid of the rest and get the dot on the second note? The manual is very brief on altering notes and rests and does not give a fully illustrated demo of the sequence of operations required, which i am clearly getting wrong somewhere.


Shortening a note will always leave a rest after that note. Lengthening a note will always cover up something after that note and never affect what comes before it. If you want to change two quavers to a semi-quaver followed by a note, you will have to put a note on the rest that's created that will cover the second quaver. That's how MuseScore works through all 2.x versions.

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Select the rest, then press N for note input, select the duration of the note, then the note name. It's the same process as when you start entering notes on an empty score.

Or for your exact example, select the first 8th note, press a 3 for a semi-quaver then press N 5 . n (the letter of a note) and it's updated.

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Also, there are usually many different ways to achieve the same result. What' important to understand - and what is spelled out clearly in the documentation - is that when you change the duration of a note, MuseScore does not move subsequent notes earlier or later. If you want to move a note earlier or later, you need to do it yourself. You get to pick how, but in general, cut and paste is the normal method. So, select the note or notes (only you know how many) you want moved, cut, click the location (earlier or later) you want to move them to, paste.

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