Difficulty in making guitar tablature but not in pentagram

• Sep 19, 2018 - 15:34

I would be grateful if you would like to report - if any - the solution to the difficulty in making the guitar tablature better in the attached prova.mscz file.
It happens that by introducing the bass line quarter notes and the melody crests of the same height, while in the pentagram the notes appear correctly, in the tablature these occupy two positions or - as E2 - only one position but highlighted in red.
This is by introducing the notes with one voice (1st beat) or with two voices (2nd beat).
Thanks for the attention

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Vi sarei grato se vorrete segnalarmi - se esistente - la soluzione alla difficoltà nel rendere migliore la tablatura per chitarra nel file prova.mscz allegato.
Accade che introducendo le semiminime della linea di basso e le crome di melodia della stessa altezza, mentre nel pentagramma le note appaiono correttamente, nella tablatura queste occupano due posizioni oppure - come E2 -una sola posizione ma evidenziata in rosso.
Questo sia introducendo le note con una sola voce (1^ battuta) oppure con due voci (2^ battuta).
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Your concern: "the notes occupy two positions or - as E2 - only one position but highlighted in red."

In fact, all is good!

1) For the red squares, this happens for five notes of the 6th string (E /F/ F#/G/G#) that do not have alternative locations.
These red squares are not printed, but for visual comfort, you can hide them in the score, by doing: menu "View" -> Untick "Show Unprintable".

2) For the notes which occupy two positions, it's by design and an important asset of the program.
Your example is perfect to demonstrate it.
Sometimes this sample will be played in first position, and in this case you will hide the "7" with the "V" key (in batches, eg: string and pitch with Select /More).
Like this: 1prova.mscz
And when this sample is played in fifth position, which is as valid and common, you will hide the "2".
Like this: 2prova.mscz
And sometimes, this will be a mix of two positions. So, you choose the better for you and the score.

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