How to stop these invisible rests from ruining my measure?

• Sep 18, 2018 - 15:14

In a contemporary-ish piece I'm working on, there's a single measure where every instrument plays a different melody in a random tempo - kind of like the score below. Since the melodies are all different in length, I had to make the "actual bar duration" as long as the longest melody. I made the unnecessary rests in the other parts invisible.

This solution works fine for the oboe part in this example, but the flute and clarinet now have an empty hole in their measure where the invisible rests are. I've done some searches on this forum and I believe there currently isn't a truly "correct" way to make invisible objects not take up any space, so I'm really looking for a workaround here.

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The tuplet solution is definitely one way to go. In case it isn't obvious, there are tuplets in JoJo's solution, but he has set them to not display numbers or brackets. You can access them via the Inspector, however - select the first note of the oboe part and then the Tuplet button in the Inspector.

Another possible solution is to use "local" time signatures - have each staff in its own time signature, by Ctrl+dragging the appropriate time signatures, but this feature is frankly pretty buggy.

If it were me, I'd probably go for simplicity and simply not worry about it in the score, then in the parts use manual adjustments of the positions of the notes where needed. But the tuplet solution is awfully clever and more "correct".

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