Trouble with changing duration of note (with more than 1 head per stem)

• Sep 16, 2018 - 11:18

Changing duration of notes by the keys "q" and "w" is very handy, but does not work if a note stem has more than 1 note head (chord), when all note heads are seleced. This situation occurs regularly when copying and pasting, since then all note heads are naturally selected. Is it true that the only workaround is to change the selection to any one of the chord notes (in order to change ALL chord notes).

Is this listed on the ToDo for debugging?


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Thank you, the plugin seems very useful!
But to change the duration of just ONE chord: Why why can't I do it when all notes are selected? It functions only when any ONE of the chord notes is selected. This seems to be a bug. It disturbs, because after copying and pasting, usually ALL are selected.

There is another dirsturbing behaviours: Can somebody report and repair?
Copying (Ctrl+c) clears the clipboard even if an pause or nothing was selected. It would be better to keep the clipboard untouched in the case that nothing is to be copied, because it can happen easily by mistake (pushing copy instead of pasting), with the need to repeat everything before. Any text software usually prevents this!

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You have mentioned 3 things that need answers.

Changing durations only works when a single note is selected. There is some logic behind this. What do you expect to happen when you have two consecutive notes and you double their length so the first one now takes the space of both notes? What happens to the second note. Since MuseScore has no insert note capability (as of 2.3.2), there is no place to put the second note. You also cannot change the durations of only 2 out of 3 notes in a chord. Rather than writing a complicated check to see if the durations cause a problem routine, the programmers decided to forbid allowing several notes to have their duration changed. As you have noted, changing the duration of a single note changes the duration of the entire chord. Once you're used to it, it doesn't cause a problem.

There reason all notes are selected after a pastes operations is that it is simple to press ctrl+ an arrow to change octaves. This is very useful when copying from the oboe to bassoon or such instruments that play in unison octaves apart.

I agree that copying nothing normally does not affect the clipboard. Using the issue tracker ( to put in a feature request is probably a good idea.

It was decided that if you select only the notehead, copy and paste it to a note or rest, the destination stays the same length and the pitch is applied. If you want to copy the exact note to a destination, you need to copy the entire chord, use shift+click to select a "chord," even if it's one note. So this was actually a deliberate decision.

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