"Start With Score" discrepancies

• Sep 15, 2018 - 14:25

In Edit -> Preferences under the section titled "Program Start" there is an option labeled "Start With Score."

The default for this option is :/data/My_First_Score.mscz.

When this default is selected, the program starts up with an untitled document that isn't saved to any directory, and when I go to save it, a browser pops up. This is the preferable scenario for me.

However I've created a template that I wanted to be the option instead of ":/data/My_First_Score.mscz"

Upon starting up the program with my template and beginning my work, the template is overwritten when I save, instead of being treated like an untitled document, as is the case with My_First_Score. Is there a workaround? I know I can just hit save as instead of save, but that forces me to remember every time and sometimes I strike ctrl+S out of pure muscle memory.

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Templates are MuseScore files that have been placed in a special directory. See https://musescore.org/en/handbook/create-new-score#user-templates-folder.

Once it is save there, you can access it through the new score wizard that starts when you select New Score from the menu. Start with score, always starts MuseScore with a score, not a template. If you choose a score in the template directory for this, MuseScore will update the template when you save it. The only difference between a score and a template is that a template is saved in the special location and accessible through the New Score wizard.

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I see. I had disabled the start center in the hopes of the program automatically starting up with the desired score as an untitled document. Thank you for your help.

The problem with opening a template through New Score is that while it creates an untitled document for me it forces me to go through a bunch of prompts selecting key signature, etc. I just want to start the program with my desired template document, and when I go to save, have it save as instead. I'll just change the keyboard shortcut for save to save as. That should mimic the functionality I want close enough.

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You can also set the score to read only in your operating system to prevent you from accidentally overwriting the score.

It is unusual that every time someone starts MuseScore they want to start a brand new identical score. I'm curious why you want to do this?

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"It is unusual that every time someone starts MuseScore they want to start a brand new identical score. I'm curious why you want to do this?"

I have this new work template with no discernible time signature or key signature where I just kinda "sketch" melodies and harmonies and play with them before I decide to commit them to a solid arrangement. I end up generating a lot of these sketches and they'll sometimes sit in a folder for weeks before I make them into something bigger.

I can see the utility of such a workflow, if you're always writing for the same basic ensemble. You can certainly try marking the score read-only and see how your OS deals with that when you hit Save - might do the job.

Another thing to consider - if all you want are some custom style and layout settings as opposed to a whole set of instruments, try using Style / Save Style and then specifying the result as the default in Edit / Preferences / Score.

It's possible you might also be able to create a script / batch file that automates the process of making a copy of your score before starting up MuseScore with it loaded.

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