voltas not repeating properly

• Sep 15, 2018 - 00:37

im not sure if this is a bug in the latest versions but ive been noticing this issue since 2.1. if you have more than 2 sets of 1st and 2nd endings, it will play the first set correctly, but it will repeat the 2nd 1st volta twice and disregard the content in the 2nd 2nd volta. its hard to explain in text so see the file attached to understand. if it plays just fine for you guys then maybe i just need a new computer idk.

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voltaproblem.mscz 9.56 KB


The problem is that a repeat into any volta is quite unusual. If you remove the volta 2's your score works fine and makes more sense to a human.

If you want to keep the notation, change the repeatlist of the volta2 in m6 to 1,2. See attached.

Repeat counts are reset to playback time 1 when encountering a start-repeat for the first time (as in m6).

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