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I don't know if I should have this Q under the sub forum "...Sharing" but I am looking for a few ways to search scores.

I am transcribing a 47 bpm score in 3/4 time and would like to call up anything near that at musescore.

I think viewing/listening to any musescores similiar to mine would help speed my progress.

I found a post

"Thomas" indicated that one could use certain "undocumented" search strings to aid in our searches.

Also, I think that a couple more questions on search strings are in the back of my mind.

Is there a better forum thread on the topic of search strings exclusively?

Thank you.




The post you refer was prior to MuseScore being moved and the code rewritten basically from scratch. The given example doesn't even work any more.

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Sorry, I was talking to Thomas. He said to discuss it on the forum and I noted that you can search for sheet music from here. This is actually a different website than

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I noticed in some of the other threads that searching for sheet music as you described it can present bugs.

Something to do with language sets built in to the code.

I think that having one domain would really simplify things for the Musescore usership but then again that would be something I bring up in the suggestion department too.





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