Songbook app update on iOS a DISASTER

• Sep 10, 2018 - 00:29

All my scores are gone, the scores I’ve loaded don’t work properly (trying to transpose causes crashes), and I’ve lost hundreds of scores I’ve loaded. OMG, I need these materials for upcoming gigs. This is truly a disaster for me. What happened with this latest update?


Same here. I was using Songbook for conducting some choirs. I played from iPad separated voices to sing along for the singers who are not able to read scores. Now I have to change my rehearsals. Need to bring my macbook to rehearsals?


The Songbook issue is a can of worms. The Ultimate Guitar Musescore team is stalling the re-upload of Songbook 1.13 to App Store, even though the Musescore app v2.0 is rife with bugs. There are some suggestions on for workarounds:,

among them:
- borrow an Android and download Songbook from Amazon, or
- export your score to MusicXML format from Musescore desktop, and use an XML reader. There is even a webbased XMLreader that will tide you over:

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