writing "floating rhythm": without staff

• Sep 9, 2018 - 17:06


I am trying to write rhythm exercises for my students and need rhythm values without any staff line. Is there a way to do this?
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Yes, that's pretty easy:
- create a percussion instrument staff (I use claves) with a single line.
- right-click on the staff and select 'Staff Properties'
- in the dialog that opens, unselect 'Show barlines' (if you don't want barlines) and select 'Invisible staff lines'

That's all.

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I don't get it in all, what you mean with "how do I manage note 'stems' on the right-hand side of note heads?".
If you're looking for stemless notes, you can tick "stemless" inside the inspector (also possible right click on a stem->select->all similar elements before), or better, if you want to adjust stemless notes for whole staff, you can also select it with right click on the staffi-> staff/part properties... in "advanced style properties...".
If you want to change the stem direction, select the stem(s) and press "x".
If you want to change the beaming of notes, use the "beam properties" palette or adjust it for the whole staff via right click on the time signature->time signature properties... the "note groups"
If this doesn't answer your question, please explain it a little more.

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