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• Sep 7, 2018 - 20:27

I just installed the new version of MuseScore on my iPad and to my enormous
surprise I now suddenly have to pay a -montly- fee to be able to play my
partitions on my iPad. In my opinion this is a serious form of embezzlement.
I do not mind paying a one-time fee to be able to use new features but
having to pay a monthly fee is just a rip off. I want my old version back.
This is the WORST update ever!!!!


Agree! This is not a good update. Hopefully the MuseScore team has more plans because with the current update, MuseScore on iOS is worthless to me. Not only do you have to pay for “pro” version, but the app seems quite buggy and prone to crash. I had automatic updates turned on and it updated on my iPhone X but I managed to stay on the old version on my iPad. Hopefully this is resolved soon...

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All my scores are gone, the scores I’ve loaded don’t work properly (trying to transpose causes crashes), and I’ve lost hundreds of scores I’ve loaded. OMG, I need these materials for upcoming gigs. This is truly a disaster for me. What happened with this latest update?

Hi Jeroen Posch,

The Songbook issue is a can of worms. The Ultimate Guitar Musescore team is stalling the re-upload of Songbook 1.13 to App Store, even though the Musescore app v2.0 is rife with bugs. There are some suggestions on for workarounds:,

among them:
- borrow an Android and download Songbook from Amazon, or
- export your score to MusicXML format from Musescore desktop, and use an XML reader. There is even a webbased XMLreader that will tide you over:

Feel free to add your comments on the thread

Best regards,
Joe Siri Ekgren
concerned Songbook user

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I paid for the Songbook so that I can play music I made from Finale. After updated my iPad today, I can no longer get into museScore without signing up for a monthly or annual fee program for Pro. If I do not sign up, I cannot get in museScore to select Songbook. How can I get my old version back? And why should I paid again?

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