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• Sep 7, 2018 - 01:03

When I import midi files from Musescore into Logic the midi regions reset the volume levels each time they are played so I can't mix the track. Is there a way of only exporting note information rather than trying to edit midi information once in Logic? Thanks.


I'm not quite sure what you mean, but the very nature of MIDI means that each and every note has a "velocity" associated with it - there is no such thing as a note with no velocity. MuseScore will happily give the notes whatever velocity you want, by honoring the dynamic markings you add to the score or by overriding this using the Inspector.

If that doesn't help, please attach a score you are having trouble with and describe in more detail what the problem is.

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I don't know if my answer was clear enough, then. There is no "problem" here to fix - this is simply the way MIDI works. Every single MIDI note has a velocity, and that velocity determines the volume of the note. There is no such thing as exporting a note without velocity information. The only way to not have velocity info is to not have a note at all.

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I t seems like your MIDI export includes some sort of global information which overrides Logics own mixer. You will have to edit the MIDI-data somehow, or you import an XML file (Choose File > Import > MusicXML, then choose the file in the Import dialog.) . If you go the XML-path, there are a two workarounds:

Looking at the XML-code for Musescore-exports, it seens Musescore can handle playback volumes two ways:
-The mixer volume affects whole staves (global change) - generating XML-code : "volume" and "pan":
- The inspector palette -> Velocity affects selected notes - generating XML-parameter "dynamics" as in:
note default-x="16.70" default-y="10.00" dynamics="140.00"

Both of these are exported in XML (probably also in MIDI). The XML-export uses the Mixer set-up for Volume and Pan. Dynamics are also exported. Dynamics in the score will be overridden by any settings for notes in the inspector using Velocity type: User and Velocity ___

I have found two workaround/kludges:

A) Export as XML, and use an XML-editor and simply do a search-replace for "volume", "pan", "dynamics" code:
by adjusting the paramaters or simply deleting snippets of code, depending on your needs.

There are a number of XML editors out there. I happen to use Brackets for Mac OS X.

B) The other workaround
1) Open a new score
2) Set up your staffs
3) Set up the mixer to your liking.
4) Open your old score, copy all measures, paste in new document
5) Export to XML

A plugin that could strip dynamics on import/export could be useful.

I hope this is of help.


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I'm having the same problem. It's not just velocity - it's CC data, like instrument pan.
Is there a way to export a Musescore file to MIDI to without CC data so when you import it into a DAW there are only note durations and velocities, without additional CC info you have to manually remove track by track, CC channel by CC channel?

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