Adding "kicks" to the leadsheet

• Sep 6, 2018 - 17:57

I've been trying to trick the system, but nothing seems to be working.

I am doing a jazz lead sheet and it's for a well known jazz standard ("All The Things You Are") for a vocalist in their key so they can jam with musicians (and make sure all kicks are in place in case someone doesn't know the intro). What I need is that on top of the intro bass line I can add the typical "kicks" for drums and piano to accentuate.

I have a bass line written down with chord symbols and what I want is for it to look like in a real book: a line of kicks marked in on top of the stave. The note heads should be crossed type.

What I have tries thus far:
1) to enter it as a 2nd voice
Didn't work because I can't get rid of the extra lines that naturally form when I have the notes above the staff.
2) to use symbols
Didn't work because there is no way to add slurs between notes and there are no crossed out note heads available.

I will not make separate instrument parts for this jazz standard. I need all musicians, including the drummer, to have the melody and chords in front of them, and anyone who is more or less professional knows how to read these type of charts because this type of notation is real popular in jazz circles, having been popularized in real books for decades. Given that I have a batch of 50 jazz standards to write and seeing the titles I know this will pop up more than a few times in the course of the project, I'd like to solve this issue without printing out and literally marking everything by hand and then scanning back in.

Is there a plug in? I have not found anything and all I have found is basic tutorials on how to enter notes and chords and other basic stuff.

I'd appreciate any direction on how to solve this issue. Thank you.


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