Reversible mouse scrolling

• Aug 29, 2018 - 21:44

I want to be able to set my scroll wheel to default to scrolling horizontally and have the vertical scrolling be done with shift+scroll wheel (the opposite of what it is now). It would make navigating in continuous view easier.


This would be an unusual option. People used to using computers don't even need to read the manual to know how the mouse will scroll. It would also mostly be useful on smaller scores that don't have more staves than will fit on the screen at once.

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Apparently it is not understood what he is asking. It is in fact not unusual to prefer a mouse wheel to scroll horizontally (or to have the option) in certain applications, i.e. DAWs. I have used computers since 1987, so, this is not an ignorant request. He simply wants to be able to reverse, or have the option to reverse Shift mouse wheel functions from vertical to horizontal. When editing specific bars in very large scores this would in fact be very useful. It would also be helpful during editing if there was an option for playback from a certain point (as my DAW offers), instead of the cursor stopping in place. I realize a measure, or measures can be looped. Nevertheless, this could save additional steps when needed. It is suggestions such as these that keeps MuseScore improving and I must acknowledge, MuseScore is excellent, and I'm very thankful for it!

Some mouse drivers probably provide such an option, although I guess maybe you'd only want to use it with MuseScore? Having the ability to customize mouse actions much as we do keyboard shortcuts could be useful some day, but it's more complicated. Note PgUp/PgDn keys work great in Continuous View.

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