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I read the musescore manual.Until now I don't know the process to add pedal at the music score.I need help.


Welcome to the forums. For me, the quickest way to add pedal to the score is to select the measures I want and double click the pedal icon in the Lines palette. I'm sure there are other ways, but I don't use it that often.

This is for music for a pedal harp.
While the Pedal icon may help for piano, I don't find it helpful for harp. I want to know which pedal and what I'm changing it to. What I do is this:
1. Select a note just before you want the pedal change.
2. Press command-k on a Mac or control-k on Windows. This puts in a Chord symbol box. You can also select it from the Add menu: Add>Text>Chord Symbol
3. Type the letter of the note and what it is changing to. For example, changing D to D-sharp I would type D# (D and hash/pound mark). For flat, use a lower case b; for natural, type "natural" with no space after the note letter.
4. In the inspector, unset the box labeled Play. This is important or when you play the song back, the note would play. I suppose an alternate way to do this would be to put the Chord Symbol box on the actual note to be changed and move the text to where you want to make the pedal change. Then you wouldn't have to do this step.

The inspector also lets you put a frame around the symbol. I find this very useful because I will put in marks for both pedal and lever harps. I put a square frame around the pedal harp changes and no frame for lever.

I hope I'm answering what I think your question was. :-)

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Hard pedal is indeed entirely different from piano. For harp, there is an excellent plugin you can download from this site (See Download / Plugins in menu above). Or you can use staff text as mentioned. Accidentals can be entered as Ctrl+Shift+B, Ctrl+Shift+#, and Ctrl+Shift+H. You can also press F2 while editing your text to display the Special Characters dialog, and access accidentals from there, but also click Musical Symbols and then "Harp techniques" to access the special symbols used in hard diagrams. But the plugin is definitely simpler.

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