Dynamics and Lines moving to the left after saving

• Aug 27, 2018 - 17:31
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When saving my document (attached) my dynamics move when I re-open the document, at some points they are -24.00sp off from what I originally placed them at, I could move them one by one. But that would take too much time for me to manually move them. I've looked already to see if there was a fix to this, but I could only find a forum with the same bug from 2014. The best example of the bug can be found on bar 68 to 108

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Status active needs info

I don't see a problem with any dynamics per se, but the hairpins are definitely positioned poorly. This can can happen if you do positioning in continuous view and then switch to page view or vice verse - that positioning in one view won't necessarily make sense in another. But when I took one of your hairpins, changed the position myself (still in continuous view), saved, and reloaded, it stayed right where I put it. Can you give precise steps to reproduce the problem you are seeing?

Do note there were a number of problems in earlier releases with hairpin positioning changing on save/reload, but these were almost all fixed a while back. The only one left I am aware of is #250381: Wandering hairpin in score with mmrest & invisible staves and that doesn't seem to apply here as you don't have multimeasure rests enabled. Maybe that's the one you mean?

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I do compose in continuous view, yet I have never changed back into Page View (only because I prefer Continuous over Page.) I also do have a few invisible staves to help with the cleanliness of the score (Strings, Voice, Grand Piano's , El. Bass etc.) I reviewed the forum you attached to your comment, and I tried the solution, yet it made no impact on the score.
The steps that seem to reproduce the problem are are composing music, then adding details such as articulation and ornaments and dynamics. After a couple of sections I will always save so I don't lose any progress, yet the change only happens when I re-open the score. Which is usually a different day. That is how I believe the problem can get replicated.
Also it didn't happen gradually, for the past 2 weeks I've been working on this and only today did the segments move to the left, so I'm just confused as why it has happened.

Status (old) active needs info
Status active needs info

#275386: Anchor points are not rebuilt after setting auto placement is about master / 3.0-to-be only; "auto-placement" being the key there.

Anyhow, nothing wrong with writing in continuous view when first entering your music, but since you obvious can't print that way, fine tuning of appearance really needs to be done after the music is basically entered and you've switched to page view. Also be aware that internally you are constantly being switched into and out of page view when saving your score (even during autosave) so that we can generate a reasonable thumbnail. Not that this should in itself cause a problem, but based on what I'm seeing, my best guess is that once you come up with a precise series of steps for us to follow to reproduce a problem, it will turn out to be a bug that has something to do with that.

But first, we do need that precise series of steps to reproduce a problem. As I said, when I opened your file, moved a hairpin, saved, and reopened, it was right where I left it. Also, be sure you are using 2.3.2 since as I mentioned quite a few wandering hairpin bugs have been fixed over the past couple of years.

OK, I see what you mean; I should have read further. But it does seem a different issue entirely. The jump happens immediately during edit, very obviously so. And since mmrests aren't involved here, it's not that either. Seems to be a new as-yet-unreported issue, in terms fo the cause if not the apparent symptom.