Very slow startup

• Aug 25, 2018 - 06:21

After downloading the latest release (2.3.2), and one session of normal behavior, I've found that on subsequent openings of the app startup is exceedingly slow -- 10 minutes or longer. I'm not completely sure that it isn't just hung some of the time; it seems I get best results by force-quitting Musescore, then restarting and clicking on the option to continue where I left off -- but still extremely slow. I also had this behavior with the last pre-release nightly, but didn't notice it until the release was out. Any fixes out there? This is on a Macbook Pro running OS 10.11.6 (El Capitain).


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Let me clarify: I have not installed MDL or any extra fonts. This is just "out of the box" Musescore (Mac OS X version). Also, if it matters, I had been using a 2.3 nightly from May without problem until a few days ago, when this slow startup started happening with the nightly. I downloaded and installed the 2.3.2 release, which started up promptly the first time but not after that. So my thought is that something related to Musescore has gotten corrupted on my computer. I tried discarding the Musescore preference files but that didn't help. I also tried reverting to factory settings, and starting empty without the start center. These shortened somewhat the startup, but didn't restore what had been normal behavior.

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And I should add that I just tried a current (3.0) nightly, and find that it loads much faster than 2.3.2. (Not as fast as I would like, but much faster -- about 2 min., including displaying the Start Center. Less than a minute if opening up Musescore by double-clicking on a score.

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I'm curious if you have several scores open in 2.3.2 or possibly a large score where editing a note has become slow. If you have Continue last session selected in the preferences it has to load all of the scores you had open when you last closed MuseScore. Upgrading will not change this option, but using a nightly will.

This will not explain the slow load time you are experiencing, but it will explain some of the time difference between the two versions.

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It happened to me. Seemed like it would never start. Resource monitor showed it was not using any cpu or file io. So i figured it was waiting because a file it wants is being scanned by antivirus or held by a backup process. Sure enough, in my case it was waiting for a file that google drive was holding. So i terminated musescore then paused google drive, then started musescore again. It started in under 30 seconds. Yea.

nov 25

Still very slow to launch - uninstalled 2.3.2 and reinstalled the downloaded fresh installer from site.
Any hints to speed up launch. Thanks.

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Hi Jojo

I did reset to default/factory settings in prefs an just run again about 45+ seconds
is this normal?

Initially thought that spate of MS [Win7 ] might have done something.

Sound fonts installed as per installer nothing added.

Like to use 2.3.2 as the counterpoint checker plugin works in 2.3.2
but no sign of it in 3 alpha plugins and I gather from earlier query
it will need to be reworked [ prob for other plugins] for use
in v3 when it get released , but 3 alpha def faster launch.

Thanks for prompt reply.

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For what it is worth, I experienced 3 minute start up for MS3.0x, I followed this 'fix' and viola! all is good again. It seems that relying on the existing preferences is not the way to go for upgrades. It takes only a few minutes to reset your preferences to experience a great upgrade.


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