Guitar harmonics in tab when staves are linked

• Aug 24, 2018 - 21:12

So I have a tab and notation staff that are linked, and I need to notate some natural harmonics.

What I need to do is that diamond noteheads for the notation, which I know how to do, and then normal tab numbers in the tab. The issue is that these are seventh-fret harmonics, so the tab number and the pitch don't correspond.

See page 3 (measure 25) of the attached score.

And see the attached jpeg for what I need it to look like. (This is in DADGAD tuning, by the way.)

So I'm not sure how to do this since the staves are linked.

Is there a way to do it?



There's (almost) always a way :-)

In this particular case, if I'm understanding the desired notation correctly, just add the *va and then make it invisible in the tab (where it is obviously meaningless anyhow). Probably adding an 8va to the standard staff should automatically change the fret, but it doesn't - another bug that works in your favor here.

Another useful tricks for things like this would be the "Fix to line" setting in the Inspector, allowing you to enter a note at one pitch but have it display at another. Another would be to not use "real" 8va markings but instead add it as text only. Some combination of these can achieve most notations like this.

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