"Midistart Music 25" MIDI keyboard not working in Musescore

• Aug 24, 2018 - 13:04

Hello !

I just bought a "Midistart music 25" midi keyboard (controller).
And I cannot get it to work to enter notes in Musescore 2.3.2.

I am using Windows 10, latest update.
The midi keyboard is connected through a usb cable and shows up in the Windows device manager as "USB audio device". There is no driver supplied/needed according to the manufacturer.

I have an app called 'MIDI Tools' on the same pc, and it shows that 'note on' and 'note off' messages are indeed received from the midi keyboard. So that seems to be ok.
I had also temporary installed (for debugging) a piano midi app on that pc, and it played the notes I was pressing on the midi keyboard .....

I alway start Musescore after the midi keyboard is plugged in.
In the I/O tab, next to Midi input : it says "MMSystem, USB A"
The "MIDI input In/out" icon in Musescore is depressed.
Entering a note in Musescore using the pc keyboard (so without MIDI) is fine.
Entering a note in MS using the pc keyboard (it shows) and then pressing a key on the MIDI keyboard does not add the note pressed on the MIDI keyboard. Also not when pressing 'shift' after the first note to try and form a chord ...

Thanks for looking into this.



Ok, I solved the problem ......

Besides the icon in Musescore in the shape of a midi connector, that can be depressed or not ..... there is also an option in the settings. It is in the note entry tab (third one from the left) and is also called "MIDI input In/out" It has to be checked. It seems to work independent from the icon ....

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