Some measures much too stretched (elongated) in some Parts, appears to be semi-random issue

• Aug 22, 2018 - 18:13
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I am working on a Score that has multiple Parts. In this instance, each Part is the same tune in a different key.

There are 4 Parts in my Score. Two of them are fine - no problems in two of them. The two others, however, display a very odd problem. In both of these, Measure 22 is highly elongated. In one of the Parts, Measures 23 and 24 are also highly elongated. I have tried using the Stretch function to shorten the measures, but this has minimal effect.

In the attached Score, you can see the problem in the F Major and D Major Parts. As you can see, the C Major and Bb Major Parts look fine.

I cannot locate any function that can correct these highly elongated measures, nor can I see a reason for them occurring. I do note that in the Master (with all the Parts in different staves), this same Measure 22 appears highly elongated. I have entered no Line Breaks in the Master. I have entered Line Breaks in the individual Parts, but regardless of where the Line Breaks are, the problem measures in the F Major and D Major Parts remain highly elongated.

Any help welcomed! Thanks very much.

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Most probably not a bug and better discussed in the support forum rather the issue tracker.

The problem is with the system breaks not making sense for the parts. Remove them and then reapply them in a more reasonable manner if you think they are really needed.

If I remove all of the line breaks (system breaks) from all Parts of the Score, the highly elongated measures are still there. Removing the line breaks made no difference at all.

Really looks like a weird bug to me, since the problem only appears on certain measures in some Parts.

Any other ideas?

I'm using v2.3.2.

I deleted and re-entered the measure that won't shrink. It now looks much better.

Si_Tu_Vois_ma_Mere v3a.mscz

I couldn't figure out what was wrong with the measure, but I didn't look at the internal file either. Someone might be able to look at it and see what's wrong.

See the lyrics "bri-" from "bri-ser" measure 20, above staffs 1, 3, 4, in main score. They are completely out of their original place.

Select these 3 "bri" and hit Ctrl + R (shortcut for recover the default position), or hit arrows same goal in Inspector.

You will observe the change for the layout. And then recreate parts.

You can reproduce this behaviour by dragging (I guess you did that) these three syllables from measure 22 to beginning measure 20.

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Thanks very much cadiz1! That was the problem: the lyrics were mis-positioned. Never occurred to me that this could be causing an issue, and it didn't look like the lyrics were in the wrong place to me. Thanks all.