Adding clef changes in the middle of a measure

• Aug 20, 2018 - 05:07

I have been looking through the book about features in MuseScore and cannot find anything for a need I have. There is an old piano score that is handwritten and has bass clef almost all the way through for the left hand part. On the next to last measure, it changes from bass clef to treble clef in the middle of the measure then changes back to bass clef at the beginning of the last measure. I know that these clefs are placed where they are to make it easier to write and read the notes. I don't remember ever seeing music written like this before. Does anybody have a solution to help me accomplish this? My father had this music for many years before he passed away. I want to preserve it by digitizing it using MuseScore. Thank you.
Sincerely, David

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The easiest way is to select the first note with the new clef and double click the clef in the Clefs palette. Press F9 if you don't already see the palettes. For the one before the measure it's easiest to drag it to the measure and the measure will obviously change colors when you can drop it.

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Thanks for your answer. The place where I needed to change from C clef (bass clef) to a treble clef in the middle of the next to last measure only worked after I wrote a chord first. Then I had to click on one of the notes of the chord that I wanted the clef change to begin, double-click on the treble clef in the Clefs palette, then it worked. All I had to do for the next (or last measure) was click on a note in the left hand part, double click on the bass clef (C clef) in the clef palette menu, and it switched back to the bass clef. That was so handy.
Thank you for your help.
Sincerely, David

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Thanks for your quick response. The online book page looks very different from my paperback edition. Your answer worked. I had to drag the treble clef from the palette menu and drop it on the first note or chord in the middle of the measure in which I wanted the change to begin. Then I clicked on the bass or C clef after clicking the first note or chord of the last (or following measure) to change it back to the previous clef. Good job!!

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For the record, in my book Mastering MuseScvore, I also discuss the easy way to do this - select the range of notes you want the clef change to apply to, then double-click the new clef in the palette. This automatically inserts the new clef in front of the passage and also restores the old clef afterwards. I describe this and show a demonstration in the section entitled "Clef Changes" in the chapter on "Clefs"

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