Issue about notation (Tempo) for piano

• Aug 19, 2018 - 16:38

Hi, this actually is about notation in general, not musescore and I'm sorry for that but I don't know anyone else that can help me about this.
I wanted to emphasize the first note in the picture I sent you, but I'm sure is not about time, maybe it's something like rubato? I don't know, I put a legato slur in the next 3 notes excluding the first one but I really don't that is enough (or relevant to it)

I'd really appreciate your help, though sadly the site doesn't let me attach any audio, so I hope you can understand what I mean

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This is a good place to ask such a question. As long as it's music or MuseScore related someone is always happy to help you here.

I'm not sure I understand the question. You want to emphasize the first note? You don't mean you want it accented so it comes out a little louder than the other notes? Do you mean you want it played slightly longer by putting a legato mark that looks like _ on top of it? This would make sense if you're talking about rubato.

From looking at the picture, the slur on the 2-4 notes in the measures is appropriate, though you will hear little difference in MuseScore when it plays back.

BTW, you can zip any file and attach it and the site will accept the zip file.

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thank shoichi. Actually in the file somehow the fermata doesn't work in my computer. But anyway I looked it up and it does what I want to make but the note (even though it's hold as much as the conductor/performer wants) seems usually if not always to be held more than I want it to. So maybe I should just add a rubato.
I really like the concept of 'Rubato e restituendo'. Cazzo se essere italiani aiuta ahah. Overall I just wanted it to hold it more to add expression to it but it's not something as big as a fermata. Grazie mille di nuovo!

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I don't have the best ear for music in the world, but I think I would use the sforzato that looks like > to indicate an accent on the note, possibly the one with a legato line ( _ ) under it since there seems to be held a little longer than the other 1/4 notes. Maybe someone with a better ear will have a better idea.

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doesn't sforzato affect the dynamics? I really don't want the note to be louder or forte/fortissimo, I just want it to hold a little longer. So far I think adding the expression rubato would make the best result, even though I doubt musescore would actually consider it. Ty anyway, I appreciate it.

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sforzato (> or sf) is open to a lot of interpretation, usually more than a dynamic mark like mp or ff. In your audio I'm hearing the first note a little louder and held a little longer than the other notes. You could instead add a dynamic poco sf under each of the notes to indicate a little bit of accent with the tenuto above the note to indicate it should be held a little longer. You may also put a note (staff text) above the the measures that says "Prima nota molto tenuto, quasi rubato", then on the next occurrence "sim." These are just some ideas to express your intention.

You can add any expression you like, it's just a matter of what will be played back. In practice the only significant difference in any idea I suggested is the > will put a little more accent on that note. The others will have no effect. You can simulate rubato by putting tempo marks on each affected note and make them invisible. This is very similar to the idea of using the tempo changes plugin.

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Thank you very much. You know, at last I decided to throw the idea🙈 because I didn't find it ultimately satisfactory, but today I learned different things and many ways to carry out a concept I didn't know how to achieve before; so I wouldn't call it a waste of time. This is the best community 😄 Have a nice day

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