How to move a staff up or down on just one system and/or change default position of multiple lyrics lines

• Aug 9, 2018 - 22:26


Is there a way to do this? In other words, I don't want it to affect anything else on the page. I just want the bottom staf (tab staff)f of a notation staff/tab staff system to move up without affecting anything else on the page or any other pages.

See the attached file.

This brings me to another question that may end up making the first question obsolete.

I have things spaced out the way I want them, with four systems neatly appearing on each page.
For the "p, i, m, a" notations, I'm entering them as lyrics, because it's a really fast way to do it.
I have the "odd lines" and "even lines" set up so that the first two lines of "lyrics" are nicely positioned vertically. But when I click ENTER from the second line of lyrics to enter a third line, it's positioned too far down. So I'm having to manually select that (third) line of lyrics and move it back up a bit. That was still ok and didn't change the staff position.

The problem arose when I added a fourth line of lyrics. As soon as I hit ENTER from the third line to go to the fourth line of lyrics, they again appeared too far down, and the tab staff below them automatically moved down. Even when I manually moved the fourth line up, the tab staff stayed there, and I can't find a way to get it back.

The problem with this is that I don't have a lot of room to spare before the fourth system is going to get kicked off the page. I'd rather not decrease the maximum distance between systems, or else that's going to get a bit too crowded.

So basically I'm looking for one of two solutions:

  1. A way to move that tab staff back up without affecting anything else.
  2. A way to set a default height for the 3rd and 4th line of the lyrics.


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That one tab staff is lower than the others because there are more lyrics - MuseScore automatically allocates space for those. You can tweak how this works with settings in Style / General / Page. But really, since those are fingerings and not lyrics, you should consider using the correct element type. Then it will also be more readable.

As for fitting more on the page, in general you are right to not want to decrease system distance. Decreasing staff size is usually a safer bet - Layout / Page Settings / Staff space.

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Thanks. I tried that first, but I gave up on it because of two things:

  1. It was a painfully slow process. For instance, if I had an arpeggio that went up and down, and I wanted the right-hand fingering to go "p i m a m i," etc., I had to select a note, double-click the correct fingering, select the next note, etc. Alternatively, I could select all the "p" notes and then all the "i" notes, etc., and save maybe a little time. But that's still PAINFULLY slow and tedious compared to doing the same thing with the lyrics, where I just need to select the note, hit CTRL-L, and then type p-space-i-space-m-space-a, etc.

  2. The R.H. fingerings show up next to the note heads, which I don't want. I want them to appear in rows between the notation and tab staff. I found a way to adjust the offset so that they appear between the staves, but I couldn't find a way to make them all default to the same vertical plane. In other words, the "p" for the C note appears lower than the "i" for the E note.

If there's a way around these two things, please enlighten me, and I'll give it a shot!


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Well, there are ways of entering fingerings somewhat more efficiently, but my assumption was that that you actually would have preferred the more standard layout of the fingerings (adjactent to the notes). Otherwise, it's not worth it. So if you have some special reason to prefer the non-standard arrangement you are using with the fingerings between the staves, then by all means, keep using lyrics. But hopefully it's a really good reason; standards do serve a purpose, and deliberately creating non-standard notation usually leads to trouble.

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Actually, I never see R.H. fingerings embedded in the staff next to noteheads in classical guitar---L.H. fingerings yes. I usually see R.H. fingerings above the staff, and sometimes they're vertically aligned (though certainly not always). However, since this book has tab as well, this is just the way we're (my publisher and I) doing things in this book to make it neater-looking.

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Exactly - they are above the notes in your picture, not next to them - just like I said, and just as many publishers actually do this. Indeed, though, not aligned vertically the way some other publishers do. Maybe you were expecting the fingerings to be outside the staff as well, and that will eb the case in multi-voice music as most classical guitar music is, but for single voice, the positioning of some notes and direction of the stem does indeed result in some fingerings being inside the staff.

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