Chord symbol naming variations

• Aug 8, 2018 - 22:41

I'm trying to change the way Musescore interprets certain chord symbols so that they don't auto-correct to a different format.

For instance, when I type "Fmaj7" and then hit space to move to the next chord, it becomes "FMaj7."

Or if I type "Dm(maj7)," it becomes DmMaj7.

How can I change this so that it doesn't do this?



See the menu Style->General... then select Chord symbols... and remove the check from Automatic Capitalization. MuseScore will no longer change ANY capitalization on chords.

MuseScore does not normally alter the way you write your chords - if you type "maj", it remains "maj", and if you type parenthesis, they are retained. The only exception is if you are using a custom chord description file that enforces a particular spelling. And that's the case with your score. It is using a custom chord description file "stdchords.xml", as specified in Style / General / Chord Symbols. This was the old default back like five or six years ago and is only provided for backwards compatibility; you shouldn't be using it any more. So, change this back to the current default (select the radio button "Standard", and stick to the defaults from now on - don't try to re-use the obsolete chord description files. If you find yourself working on scores originally created way back then, you can correct them this same way.

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Presumably that score started out life in 1.3 or earlier when that was the default. Surprising since it involves tablature, maybe you added that later? Or you may have created a score in 1.3, added tablature later, then saved that as a template, and are created new scores from that? Anyhow, this would never happen in a new score created from scratch in the past few years.

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