How do I change the size of notation symbols?

• Aug 6, 2018 - 16:15

Hi guys I'm having trouble understanding how to change the size of a breath mark. It looks pretty damn small by default and, weird enough, I could easily find out how to change THE COLOR of the symbol while I have no idea how to make it a tad bigger.
Can anybody help me out?


You can't change the size of symbols. As a workaround, all symbols are in the special characters palette that you see when you press F2 while entering text. If you want the breath mark to cause a pause or force the extra space you can make it invisible, otherwise just delete it. Next, start to enter either staff text or system text and press F2, select the symbol and change the font size to what you like. You will need to select the symbol, I use ctrl+a to select the entire text before changing the font size. Press escape to exit text entry mode and then reposition the text to where you want it.

The size of the breath mark should be pretty standard, but you can also switch to a different music font via Style / General to see if one of the other choices suits your tastes better.

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Again, not sure what you mean about weird, maybe you're using the wrong symbol? Should be the one that looks like an apostrophe on the "Breaths and Pauses" palette. Looks like a a lot of published editions I have. The other common version is fatter and you get that if you switch to the Bravura font. Shouldn't be a need to resort to text unless you are deliberately going for a nonstandard effect.

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Take as example the file Shoichi shared before you. What I was looking for is the one on the left, which (I'm a beginner so I might be wrong) should be the standard one, or at least it's what I usually see; the right one is what I referred as "weird" just because I'm not used to that so It looks smaller and thinner than I expected it to be. I hope I made things clear, thank you for your help

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Different publishers use different versions of this marking, to be sure, but the marking shown in that example is far larger than what any publisher I have ever seen uses. Did you try switching to Bravura? That marking is, as I said, somewhat larger, and I can't ever seeing a publisher go larger than that. I'd still recommend achieving that result by switching fonts rather than resort to text, which will not necessarily layout correctly. Especially if you are, as you say, a beginner, I wouldn't recommending going out of your way to deviate from standards.

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