How to Merge Voices

• Aug 5, 2018 - 18:18

I imported a monophonic score from a standard MIDI file. In one section of the music, MuseScore has interpreted the monophonic line as two voices playing.

How can I merge the two voices so that they show as one, with stems going in the correct direction for a one-voice score? The menu's 'Edit>Exchange' voices function seems to swap, but not merge voices.

With many thanks in advance.


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I wish there was some way to configure "implode" so it would be much more aggressive than what it is right now. I attached here a score with two examples -- one for drums and the other for guitar -- where cleaning up some imported midi is really challenging because Musescore cannot implode the voices.

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If MuseScore interpreted it as two voices, most likely it is not as monophonic as you might think - eg, two sequential notes may have overlapped slightly, or notes of a chord might have been struck or released not quite simultaneously. So that might interfere with the ability to combine them. Best to quanitize the MIDI file before trying to import.

If that doesn't help, then please attach the MIDI file so we can assist better.

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Those posts are from 1.x and earlier and this one was started before version 3 was released. Starting in version 3, you can select a staff wtih multiple voices, implode and all rhythms that can be combined into a chord will be, all rhythms that cannot, like when one voice has a half note and the other two quarter notes, will be left in two voices for you to deal with manually if you don't like the results.

Edit: Actually in version 2 you could combine rhythms into a single voice using implode, it actually wasn't as smart as I described in version 3.

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