How have different stem directions in beamed quaver group?

• Jul 31, 2018 - 22:38

Can anyone remind me how to have different stem directions within a beamed group as in this image?


Can we maybe request that flipping the stem direction of the (if it were a treble clef in the image) C# by pressing 'X' be changed that it automatically gives the result in the image. What are your thoughts?

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Range selection? But this is why I asked. If it is going to interfere with another more common case, leave it as is. No need to fix something that isn't broken.

"? (<- trying to draw a light bulb turning on) What about Alt + X or Ctrl + Alt + X or something like that as an extra command to flip only the selected stem in a group of beamed notes?

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selecting the beam and them pressing X might work and come most natural, range select seems to much work for something that was very simple before.
It indeed adding a shortcut for 'flip only this stem'

Currently X does do the same thing on notehead, stem, flag and beam, only augmentation do flips just that.
Shift X flips notehead itself, bot not flag, which is strange.
I'd think X might just flip the element that got selected, notehead and flag to other side of stem, steam that stems direction, augmentation dot to other space, beam all stem direction in group

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Wanting to flip the entire group is indeed going to be way more common than wanting to create that sort of mixed grouping. However, I suspect "most" of the time people want to flip the entire group, they start by selecting the first note of the group, or maybe they select the whole group. I could possibly imagine changing the behavior of "X" so that if a note or range of notes within a group is selected, it would have this effect.

But the bigger issue isn't how we would invoke this command - the bigger one is how to implement it. Right now we don't have any simple way to represent this layout internally - it's just a particular manual beam position. So we'd need to invent a whole new set of rules to govern the stem lengths and beam angle for this. Far from easy - likely to be extremely complicated, in fact. Higher priority, I think, would be to improve the "normal" beaming layout, as there are a number of cases where we produce results that many people find less than optimal (beam angles that are too steep, stems that are too short, etc).

BTW, shouldn't be surprising that Shift+X mirrors only the notehead and note flag, when you consider the main intended use case is to override the position of noteheads within chords. Flags are always to the right in standard notation; there would be no normal use case where you'd want it any other way.

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