'Send to YouTube' VideoScores are not automatically synchronized to the score

• Jul 31, 2018 - 10:43

VideoScores created with 'Send to YouTube' are not automatically synchronized to the score. This worked correctly prior to the last MuseScore[dot]com upgrade.

For example:
-Choose a VideoScore that was created with the 'Send to YouTube' option. and edit in the VideoScore editor (from 'Manage Audio Sources')
- Choose '...' then 'Clear Markers' and then choose 'Load Score Markers'
- Now press Play and watch how the VideoScore incorrectly tracks the MuseScore Score.
- For a comparison, I can point you to any of a number of VideoScores that do track correctly.

The issue is that the automatic placement of the score markers is not accounting for the ~5s opening credits and incorrectly places marker 1 at position 00:00 (instead of 00:05).


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