Chord Number Indices

• Jul 29, 2018 - 16:49

I can easily add chord numbers (I, ii, iii, IV, V etc) but I can't work out how to add an index for a seventh or a ninth etc? How is that done?

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I appreciate that, chord numbers are typed in as text but there doesn't appear to be any way to add indices. So while I can easily type Ia, I can't type Ia with a small 7 to indicate it's a 7th voicing of the chord. Same with 9ths, 11ths etc. If I try and cut and paste from Microsoft WORD it renders the 7 at normal size. (It does it here as well viz: I7a).

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For existing staff (or any other type of text), if you click it it will change colors to show you have it selected. If you double click it or press ctrl+e after it's selected it will change to edit mode and the cursor will appear as in my picture. The toolbar will show up at this point and most menu items will be disabled. It is possible that your window is not maximized, but rather it has been made large and then moved down a bit so the toolbar disappears below the visible part of the screen. On the title bar at the top of the window, if the symbol next to the X is single box rather than a box on top of a box, this is probably the case. Click the box and the MuseScore window will take up exactly the space of your screen and the toolbar will become visible. This applies to windows, which it seems you are using. One more possibility I almost forgot about, if you have the Windows toolbar locked and it is covering the bottom of the MuseScore window you will not be able to see the text toolbar. Right click the Windows toolbar and edit the preferences or settings (depending on which version of Windows you use) and change the status of the toolbar to auto hide. This may also uncover the MuseScore text editing toolbar.

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