Two-finger horizontal scrolling on Windows

• Jul 22, 2018 - 21:46

Windows 10, Musescore 2.2.1

I can't work out if this is a bug, or a preference I can't find, or a problem with my particular touchpad.

When I use a two-finger scroll vertically, the canvas moves vertically as I would expect. However when I try to scroll horizontally I find instead that it moves the selection left or right by one note, as if I had used the arrow keys. It takes a long while to get to the next or previous page that way! I cannot get the canvas itself to move horizontally. (This is regardless of whether I select 'vertical' or 'horizontal' in the 'canvas' preferences.)

I have tried the 'scroll lock' key to see if that makes a difference, but it does not. Either way, I am stuck unable to move the canvas horizontally. The only usable way of navigating forward or back through the pages of the score is to use the navigator, even just to go one page.

In other programs, such as a browser, two-fingered horizontal scrolling works as expected, i.e. moves the page, not the cursor.

By comparison, on the Mac version which I also use, when I use a two-finger scroll on the touchpad, whether vertically or horizontally, the canvas moves as expected in both cases.

I am running version 2.2.1 on both systems. I haven't upgraded to 2.3 yet as I'm in the middle of a large project, but I don't see anything related to this problem in the 2.3 or 2.3.1 release notes.

Please let me know if there is something I have missed.

Thank you


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Thank you Daniel, I have checked the settings and two-finger scrolling is definitely enabled, both vertical and horizontal, and working in other applications, such as Chrome. I have gone to the trouble of uninstalling the touchpad driver and letting Windows reinstall it, but still the same. I'll post more details as a new comment.

I have some more diagnostic information:
- Windows 10 Pro 1803, build 17134.167
- Synaptics LuxPad V1.5 on SMB Port, driver version
- default scrolling settings as per screenshot
- Musescore 2.2.1

I have gone through the process of uninstalling the touchpad driver and letting Windows re-install the correct version automatically, but no difference.

Yes, horizontal scrolling works as expected in other programs, such as Chrome.

In Musescore, horizontal two-finger scrolling does have an effect, but it is interpreted as left/right arrow keys, instead of moving the canvas. Vertical two-finger scrolling works as expected, moving the canvas.

I have tried turning the touchpad scrolling off, for comparison, and in this case, the two-finger gesture does nothing in Musescore - as I would expect! When I turn two-finger scrolling on again, the horizontal two-finger gesture behaves like using the left/right arrow keys. So Musescore is getting a signal from the touchpad, it's just being interpreted wrongly (or Windows is not sending the signal correctly to Musescore).

If I change the Musescore canvas preferences to arrange pages vertically instead of horizontally, then I can at least reach the next page by scrolling vertically, but I still can't move the current page horizontally (which I need to do if it's a wide page).

Does anyone else have a Synaptics touchpad working correctly with Musescore?

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I've never heard of that particular problem. Most of my devices don't support horizontal two-finger swiping anyhow - only my Microsoft Surface does, and it works as expected in MuseScore.

But since so many devices don't support this at all, MuseScore supports Shift+scroll to move horizontally. That is, hold shift while doing the two finger swipe up/down, and the score should move horizontally.

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Marc, Thank you for the shift-scroll hint. It scrolls much more slowly than the vertical on my device, though, making it very tedious to use - at least 8 swipes to move by one page! If I can't find an adjustment for that I'll probably end up changing the canvas setting to arrange pages vertically instead of horizontally, and adjust the page size so the full width is kept on screen. It's annoying I can't make any use of the continuous view because of this limitation.

I would be interested to know why it does work on the Surface, but not on my HP laptop with Synaptics touchpad - maybe the difference between a Microsoft driver and third-party. If anyone thinks there might be a way to get Musescore to correctly recognise the horizontal scroll gesture from a third-party driver, then we should log this as a bug/feature request. If it works in Chrome, it should be possible in any program.

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Shift+scroll worked fine for me on all my other laptops, including two from HP. And seems to work fine for everyone else too - I've literally never heard this particular problem reported in the many years I've been involved here. Not saying it isn't a real problem for you, but it's definitely not a general issue with Synaptic drivers. So perhaps playing with the settings will fix it.

As for what's possible, we use the Qt libraries to process input (and perform other OS-dependent tasks) for us. So sometimes things are beyond our control. But if we can reproduce a problem, we can sometimes find workarounds even if the issue is really in Qt. Unfortunately, I can't reproduce this one.

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Same behavior here:
Vertically scroll works as expected (two-finger-scroll or one-finger-scroll near the margin at the touch-pad)
Horizontally scroll moves through the notes playing them (two-finger-scroll or one-finger-scroll near the margin)
Horizontally scroll works as expected in other applications (MS office, firefox, etc.)

HP-Notebook EliteBook 8560p
Synaptics PS/2 Port TouchPad, driver version
Windows 7 Pro, SP1
MuseScore 2.3.1

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I have the same problem. Vertical scroll in MuseScore works fine. Horizontal scroll doesn't work in MuseScore but works ok in other apps. Shift+Scroll does the job but the scrolling is too lazy.

MuseScore 3.6 and MuseScore 4.2 on Windows 11 in a HP Laptop with Synaptics Touchpad.

I used to do horizontal scroll in MuseScore in a recent past on Linux. This seems to be a MuseScore/Windows problem...

Some tips?

Thank you in advance!


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