Is there a "snares off" snare drum sound?

• Jul 22, 2018 - 14:28

I'm looking for something that sounds similar to this:

Having snares off for snare drums is a very common percussion tool, however in the standard "snare drum" instrument on MuseScore seems to have no options for that. Would I have to download a specific soundfont for this?


Snares off is possible in the new MDL Drumset in MuseScore Drumline (, including rolls and rimshots with snares off.

While it has been built into MDL, it has not yet been "exposed" as the plan was to release this feature in a future update with a palette action that would use staff text to call the CC change.

For now you can access these by editing the drumset and adding new notes:

  • d2 - hit (snares off)
  • d#2 - roll (snares off)
  • e2 - rim shot (snares off)

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