Double sharps instead of x

• Jul 21, 2018 - 17:06

I want to be able to show a double sharped note for a piece of training material I'm writing. Is there anyway I can persuade MS to use ## instead of x?


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He put in a G## in voice 1 and made the x invisible. He then put a G# in each of voices 2 & 3, made the notes invisible and not play and moved the # symbols using the inspector and made sure they were not invisible.

Another way is to use a 'fake' sharp from the Symbols palette (keyboard shortcut is Z) and add it to a G sharp note.
If you need playback, raise the G double sharp's tuning 100 cents in the Inspector.
See attachment.

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If you are needing to use this approach often, you can do as was suggested above, but also add the symbol to your articulations palette. Simply select the # symbol, hold down ctl + shift (cmd + shift on mac) and drag to your articulations palette. This way you can use the symbol repeatedly with less work (you'd just need to adjust pitch in inspector each time for playback).

Note, you should create a custom workspace to be able to add items to the palette. This is as easy as pressing the + symbol next to the dropdown menu in the bottom left hand corner.

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