How To add a lyric to a rest (silent note)

There are several ways:

Method 1

  1. Enter a note at the same place in another voice;
  2. Add a lyric word/syllable to the note to indicate a spoken word;
  3. Make the note silent and invisible;

Method 2

  1. Select the rest;
  2. Add staff text (Ctrl+T), and enter the lyrics word/syllable;
  3. Exit text edit mode (Esc): make sure that the word/syllable you have just entered is still selected;
  4. Open the Inspector (F8) and set Text Style to "Lyrics Odd lines" or "Lyrics Even Lines," as appropriate.

Method 3

  1. Add the word/syllable to an existing note;
  2. Make the note silent via the Inspector;
  3. Change the notehead to a cross.

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