MDL Show Style and Scottish instruments.

• Jul 8, 2018 - 19:32

I know that MDL will be undergoing updates to add and improve the instruments and playback.

A few instruments that might be welcome additions would be:

Show style bass drums: big 28” or 30“ x 16” bass drums, tuned low and boomy with Remo black dots or such. Notations for show style visuals. Great for anyone trying to get into HBCU style arranging.

Show style tenors: I’m sure the current show tenor instrument is uses a fill in sound font, but having the option of a unison tenor sound would be great.

Scottish style snare: this wouldn’t neccisarily have to be an entirely new recorded instrument, but adding an option for Scottish style notation like I’ve linked below. Something as simple as a single line staff with note inputs for above and below. Currently the only way to do this is by manually editing each note. Quite time consuming. Don’t know how capable the playback system is, but making grace notes and certain articulation play back more true to the Scottish style would be a nice touch. Perhaps specialized gracenotes for the left and right hand? It would be a lot to figure out, but IMO worth it.

(Scottish style notation example: )


I love the snare idea, the more soundfonts for hits, rimshots and other notes, the better. It will just enhance the experience on this program!

I absolutely want to make sure we are supporting HBCU, Show Style and Pipe Drumming just as much as we are Corps Style.

The great thing about MDL, and extensions as a whole, is that we can create and deliver updates entirely independent of the software release cycle.

Regarding HBCU and Show Bands, I'd like to add in a mylar snare option at some point and the basses you mention. You are correct regarding the show style tenors in MDL 1.0. These and cymbal line are placeholders that should be quickly improved.

About Pipe Drumming, I think that the needs here could be better served with a separate extension. The notation technique and sound is quite different (I played for years in a pipe band growing up :-) ). Ideally, I would love to sample a top pipe band and offer an extension with templates, notation guide, soundfonts and palettes.

As focus is currently on quickly improving and extending MDL, this will likely not be able to happen until after release of 3.0.

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