MuseScore2 not saving text

• Jul 7, 2018 - 09:28


I'm not sure if this is a bug, but I've noticed a few times that I was typing text in a text frame, saved the file, closed the file and the text was not there when I reopened the file.

Further, I figured out that MuseScore will only save this text if I first click the cursor outside of the text frame, then do a save.

I also think that MuseScore should display an alert before closing a file that contains text that was not saved.

Hope this makes sense.



Indeed, before saving, you have to exit text edit mode, by clicking outside the text frame, or by pressing "Esc."

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I've been doing that.

Would it be a good thing to implement the safety feature, so that the software asks to save before closing? I think without that feature there's always the possibility that sooner or later users will forget to exit and save.

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That is what it usually does. Not sure why it didn't in your case, can provide a step-by-step procedure that leads to an added or change text but the score not being marked dirty and on close not asking whether to save it?
Which version or MuseScore and what Operating system?

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I have MuseScore 2.2.1 and Mac OS 10.13.5

I just performed two tests and I think I know where the issue is.

Basically, if I type into the text frame and I do not click outside of the text frame before closing, it will just let me close without asking to save. Also I noticed that there little star icon does not appear in the tab, while typing. So, this is probably a related issue.

Hope this helps.


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