Entering multiple notes

• Jul 6, 2018 - 12:24

Hi, since I updated, I'm having problems adding multiple notes to be played simultaneously.

It's for classical-type music played on a ukulele, with stave and TAB. I can enter the melody line, but when I try to add harmony notes, the melody disappears. I can add them as a separate part on the same TAB, but only if I add rests for each part to make them fit, and that just makes it slow to edit and hard to read.

I used to be able to stack up full chords as I wanted, with just the melody or diads when I needed them, and different length notes played simultaneously. Now I can't. I thought I must have a setting wrong, but I can't find anything obvious.

What am I doing wrong?


To be clear: "chords" are notes that start and end at the same time and are written on the same stem. If you have notes that need to sound together but they don't start at the same time, or they don't end at the same time, then what you have is not a chord but multiple voices. MuseScore supports both. Below I have attached my short tutorial on how to accomplish each of these different tasks.

Click below for my Quick Answer on how to add notes to chords:

Add Notes To Chords
Add Notes To Chords


Click below for my Quick Answer on how to enter multiple voices:

Enter Multiple Voices
Enter Multiple Voices


I think it's something wrong with the new update (Musescore 4), I have the same problem when adding two fourth notes that should overlap the bar, I figured I manually have to add eight notes and then connect them manually, it's probably a bug that will be fixed in later updates

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