MDL Cymbal Line Effects

• Jul 2, 2018 - 14:36

Overall, I've been very impressed with the sounds of MDL. That being said, the cymbal line effects leave a bit to be desired. Is there a way to make the sound from a sustaining hit, like a crash or sizzle, cut off with a stopped hit, like a choke or crunch? Will some of the other older sounds like crash-chokes be implemented soon?


The battery is constructed from samples we recorded ourselves. Cymbals for this first release have been constructed from a pre-existing sample library. I believe the best solution is for us to create our own sample recordings of the exact techniques. I hope to be able to do this in a MDL update at some point in the near future.

For a sizz-suck this is what I do. Place a high hat AND a sizzle in both note spaces, and then tie the high hats together. Now make the first high hat invisible and put a staccato on the second sizzle and then make the second sizzle and high hat invisible. This is a lot but it does produce a decent sizz-suck sound.

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