Chordpro in text frame

• Jul 1, 2018 - 10:46

Hi Musescore,

I would appreciate a plugin or a way to display Chrodpro lyrics in the text frame.

It would be nice to be able to add lyrics from the format in the text frame:

"2. Wenn [A7]scheu die Schöpfung [D]sich verhüllt..."

to look like in the attached image:


If someone has a good other way to create a sheet like this, I would be very happy to know! Until now, I don't know how to create a sheet like this. My only idea is to use monospace font and position the chords by hand, which is not so convenient and beautiful.


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Is chordpro something that will be supported in MuseScore 4? Pretty please! It would make sense for them to work together because they are both open source.

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A possible alternative: ChordPro can integrate standard notation in ABC format.
Lyrics&chords, chord grid and standard notation sections can be transposed together.
MSCZ and ABC can be converted easily in both directions.

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A direct export from MuseScore to ChordPro is not available.
For the lyrics&chords part of my ChordPro files I use a text editor like Notepad++.
For the ABC parts I export from MuseScore using Other than the standard ABC plugin that allows only ABC import this plugin (that you have to install manually) allows both import and export from MuseScore to ABC.
Alternatively I edit ABC code also with Notepad++ or with EasyABC
MobileSheetsPro by now only supports lyrics&chords in ChordPro format. In case Chordpro files contain sophisticated features like integrated standard notation in ABC format (as the examples above), chord grid or Pango I generate PDFs with the ChordPro reference implementation from and import them into MobileSheetsPro.

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