Expand multiple voices to "sub-staffs" when editing

• Jun 30, 2018 - 02:49

Maybe this already exists and I'm not aware of it....
for multiple voices on one staff:
It'd be cool to have an editing mode where the part expands so that the different voices are split between "sub-staffs"...and then the ability to re-merge the voices/"sub-staffs" into a single staff when done editing.

IDK if it's just me or what, but I've always struggled when working with 2+ voices per staff. I get so frustrated that I give up and just add a new staff. So that's where this idea came from.


The 3.0 feature of allowing multiple voices to be connected to different linked parts is a bit different from what I think is being described. Can you describe more specifically the problem you are having using multiple voices and how you see this feature helping?

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It's not a problem with the current multiple voices feature; it's just something I personally find frustrating to do.

As for elaborating on what I described above:
Suppose I were working on the flute part for some concert band piece...and suppose there were one or two measures where I wanted the first flutes & the second flutes to be playing different notes (rather than in unison). One or two measures of this doesn't make it worth creating completely separate parts for flute one and flute two. So I decide to write them as "stacked notes" (multiple voices). The current method of doing that is switching between 1 (blue) & 2 (green) to write two parts on the same staff. What I suggested instead of that method is first writing the flute 1 part...clicking some magic button that says "expand voices" (something like that)....then a second blank staff would appear upon which I could write the flute 2 part...then click another magic button that says "collapse voices"...and, ta-dah! the flute 2 part that I wrote on the new staff would be superimposed on top of the flute one part (so I would be back to just a single staff for the flute line with the flute 1 & 2 parts "stacked" as they often appear in most concert band music)

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Yes, that much is indeed totally in line with what MuseScore 3 will allow for. But it won't really help so much with those using multiple voices for other purposes - solo piano music, say, or choral music. Which is why I wanted to understand more before getting people's hopes up. Sounds like this will indeed be quite helpful for you.

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