moving frames?

• Jun 30, 2018 - 02:33

Is there a way to move a frame below a system?. i can resize them, but not move one from above the system to below it.
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To clarify, I'm trying to move a frame below the bottom system on a page. I have room for the frame but not an extra system.

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Thank you, but I tried next-system insertion before posting. The text frame inserts at the top of the next page to stay with its anchor note. There's no room for a temporary system at the page bottoms. I tried temporary page break to force a short page to insert a temporary system. As soon as I delete the page break and temporary system, the text frame goes when anchor note's gone.

i already had an end-of-score text frame. That one was easy.

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While staff text indeed will stay with the note it is attached to, frames don't work that way. If the frame goes to the next page, it must be that there isn't actually room for it (and the margin below as per your Style settings) on the previous page. Or maybe there is a page break you need to delete.

If you attach your score, we can assist better and tell you exactly what is going on and how to get what you want.

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