Musescore v2.3 crashes at startup if splash screen is disabled

• Jun 29, 2018 - 19:34
Reported version
S2 - Critical

When I start Musescore v2.3 it takes a few seconds, then crashes without further error message. Just disappears. My system is windows 10. De- & reinstalled 3 times, no change.

Not sure if this makes a difference, but I have a second, customized instrument.xml file. Musescore v2.2.1 runs without problem.


Reinstalling very rarely helps, revert to factory settings much more often.
If it doesn't crash after that,add back your instruments.xml, it it crashes then, share that file here

Ok, I removed the second instrument.xml under v2.2.1 and reinstalled v2.3. No diffence, crash at startup. I have to roll back to v2.2.1 untill this is fixed.

Thanks, that solved the problem :-)
The second instrument.xml was apparently not the problem.

Maybe some of my customizations (shortcuts, etc) caused the problem, e.g I had LoopBe virtual midi cable installed & configured.

I just read a similar case "apparently" on a French guitar forum.
The user (under Windows 10 too) solved the problem by doing (after re-installing the 2.2.1): Help -> Revert to factory settings.
Then installing the 2.3 and its behaviour went well after that.
No problem here for me under Windows 10 (and 7)

Title Musescore v2.3 crashes at startup Musescore v2.3 crashes at startup if splash screen is disabled
Severity S3 - Major S2 - Critical

See 68275c4
Not sure it is the culprit, but it deals with splash screen and was the last minute change I mentioned above

Well, apparently it has not, the original report claims it to happen withthe final 2.3, not any beta or release candidate.
Unless I'm missing something, of course.

I do not know which build the OP was using. But if I checkout the commit prior to 68275c4, I can reproduce the crash by unchecking "Show splash screen" in General Preferences. I cannot reproduce the crash with the 2.3 package which I downloaded from the website just now.

There were a few commits made yesterday and a couple of glitches along the way, my belief is that the 25247d9 is the latest / greatest. It was updated maybe around 6 PM Eastern time, which I guess is around 10 PM GMT. From the look of it, I can see that it might have crashed before the commit mention above, but the removal of the unprotected sc->close() line should have helped. So I'm thinking it was one of the earlier builds that fails and the current one is good. I get no crash using the 25247d9 build with or without the splash screen (Windows 10). Would be nice if someone could confirm. So, I think thhe last minute fix actually was good.

Well that's interesting. I just downloaded the msi archive again, and now it show's a different revision:
OS: Windows , Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (32-bit): 2.3.0, revision: 25247d9

Looks like it has been replaced meanwhile.

From the top of the download page?
Or from further down as a development build?
Does it crash again when you disable the splash screen?

Doing multiple builds with same version number? Bad practises.
I considered this bug as a showstopper for MuseScore Portable (showSplashScreen=false is always set). Looks like MuseScore 2.x.0 releases aren't very reliable this year. :(

Now - with revision: 25247d9 - it doesn't crash when I disable the splash screen. However I cannot confirm that it was disabled when it crashed with revision: 06014f7, I simply don't remember. As I said, I had a couple of differences to factory settings, not all of them important.