Tempo Change Horizontal Lines

• Jun 29, 2018 - 14:51
S5 - Suggestion

It would be great if MuseScore could allow for the drawing of tempo change lines. 'Accel.' can be written, but there's not automatically a line from it, to show the point at which the 'accel.' (etc.) ends.

To the Tempo Change section of the Palette, it could be good to see the items below offered, so users can add a tempo change indication and then drag and let go of the right-hand end of the dotted tail to show where the accel. /rall. /rit. end. Viz:



You can create lines with any text you want - see the Handbook under Lines.

Eventually we should indeed consider adding a sampling to the palette, perhaps in conjunction with someday supporting these for playback!

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I'm not sure this should be a duplicate. Currently it is impossible to make lines system wide as would be required for this to be an actual feature of the program. If you want Accel - - - - - on all parts you must enter it on all parts. I also think this is a better feature request because it asks for lines to accommodate a tempo change over several measures as opposed to the fine plugin which must be repeatedly used if you make more than minor changes to the score. BTW, the plugin has the same problem as lines, it can only have staff text, not system text. The only difference is that text can be manually changed to system text.

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Good point. We would need to actually implement a new type of line to do this, and that's a separate feature request from the one talking about playback or text.