Square Piano

• Jun 29, 2018 - 02:41

Does anyone know or a have a SoundFont for a square piano? I'm not looking for an upright piano, but rather a type of piano from the 19th century or earlier.


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Yes, the samples are from the site I recommended a few months ago. Unfortunately the instrument is only available in GrandOrgue format, so without installing the GrandOrgue software one can only install the executable on a harddrive and use the samples. Although these files have the extension .vaw, they are actually in wavpack format! I used the free software XMedia Recode to convert them from wavpack to wav, then imported the resulting files into Polyphone.

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The square pianos I've played seem more or less like spinets (small vertical pianos with indirect action). Which is to say, definitely well within the range of what a "regular modern piano" sounds like, but noticeably different from the grands that make the basis of most piano soundfonts. Maybe finding a soundfont specifically created from a spinet, or even a regular upright (although the bigger the upright, the more like a grand it will sound).

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I'm using Pianoteq for historic/early piano sounds. This is a (impressive, IMHO) commercial synth that comes with an impressive set of 18th./early 19th. century piano sounds. Bonus points: runs on all three plattforms and you can download a trial version.

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